"In my life as a follower of Jesus, I have worn many hats. Former Law Enforcement Wife, Mother of three, Behavior Tutor for students with Autism, Lay Counselor and because of these experiences, I surprisingly became a student of how people respond in their God-given roles.
Now, I feel called ​to lead others with purpose, clarity and intentionality."
- Linda

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now offering Zoom and in-person (Orange County, CA) coaching. Let's get to know each other!

Christian Life Coaching is not therapy, nor is it licensed counseling.

Its formulating a plan together, from today forward, that is God-honoring, offering tools to be self-sufficient as you walk upon a steady, new path.

I'm not keen on the PDF's of Life Coaching, I would love to talk with you and get YOUR specifics, the things that are important to YOU, and then mentor you ​into the next steps for YOUR life.

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I have a passion for inviting you into the shameless love, acceptance, sacrifice, forgiveness and Fatherhood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who can and will adopt you into His very own Kingdom family, forever and ever, Amen.

· Seeking out your strengths, abilities and talents even when you don't see them.

· Being honest and kind, often saying what your friends cannot.

· Encouraging your dreams and goals, while creating a plan to help you reach them.

· Listening to your experiences, concerns and hurdles in order to help you move forward with a future plan and a growth-oriented mindset.

· Being unfazed with the tensions of your life, pressing you fearlessly through the things that seem difficult, often speaking the "sometimes" uncomfortable truth in love.

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four 45-minute life coaching sessions with linda

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Equipping you with the mental clarity and the ability to switch perspectives in order to lead a well-rounded, enriching life. Walking alongside you as we initiate goal setting to achieve the best possible outcome for your days, weeks and seasons ahead. ​This includes the free, first time discovery call.



Parenting Support

Relationship Struggles

Goal Setting

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"The realness, transparency , vulnerability and compassion. They are personally invested in your marriage. There is real life application and solutions. Great wisdom and understanding." - T & I

"great wisdom and understanding"

"This class gave us the clarity and wisdom to build our marriage on a foundation that matters."
- D & B

"gave us clarity
and wisdom"

"We are in utter awe of how God used [this group study] to help us. The leaders were a direct link to our Heavenly Father, human vessels of hope, love and understanding. This study claims the bible as the righteous authority, bringing peace and hope into our sometimes toxic and painful relationship. It brought faith back into our lives by teaching us why it works." - W & L

"brought faith back into our lives"

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meet brian and
linda seitz

We're Brian and Linda Seitz.
Joyously, we've spent over a decade as Christian Lay Counselors and as leaders in Marriage Ministry. ​​

We desire to care for you by sharing our experiences through books, videos and social media content.  

We strive for personal connection with you via speaking events related to marriage, family, parenting, Christian life and Law Enforcement events.

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