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On July 7, 2016, Dallas, Texas officers were ambushed and five of them perished. The journey that followed in our own department after this massacre was one that prompted the creation of a spousal support group that was sorely needed and evidently lacking as spouses and family members were terrified to send their officer to work, fearing the worst.  

We, as law enforcement family members, do not get to pick and choose what calls they go out on, what days of the week or hours of the day they work, and as a bonus - we watch them walk out the door knowing they will be dressed in a bullet-proof vest and a target-seeking uniform to complete their job duties for the day.  

It is unnerving, but rewarding. It is pride-filled, but terrifying.

We need each other, which is why we are proponents of some type of Spousal/Family Support within your own department.  We would love to help you form your own group within your own department. 

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Shared stories with a biblical emphasis to encourage and equip you.
"Contentment isn't something that comes naturally.  If the plan is to muster your own strength to get through a tough season as a LEOW, you may feel a little like crumbling. This book will point you to the Lord in order​ to ​find true contentment and hope." -Linda​

cultivating contentment as a law enforcement wife

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This career endearingly defines your marriage. You become an entity all on your own and you now stand a world ​apart from other marriages.  The spouse involved in this law enforcement marriage has most likely entered into a whole new, alien-like world. The officer involved in the marriage has his or her own obstacles to face when attempting to satisfy both work life and home life.

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We will come ready with tips and tools to help the marriages and families within your sworn staff. A law enforcement officer, marriage and
family that is better supported and equipped for the ​journey gives you an officer that is better able to perform his/her job duties.

officer involved spouse study

This book is designed to be a seven week study, complete with journal-type questions and guidance to help bring up the difficult topics that occur in a law enforcement ​marriage.

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Sharing experiences to reach
​the heart of your ​law enforcement marriage

blazing new trails retreat


The weekend consists of listening to qualified counselors provide fresh insights into how to improve communication with their spouses and how to enhance their conflict management skills. 

Located at a private oceanfront residence in Oceanside, CA

Each retreat is limited to 10 couples

Brian and Linda are the Marriage Mentors alongside you for the weekend along with the Blazing New Trails founder Phil Brown and team


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We're Brian and Linda Seitz.
Joyously, we've spent over a decade as Christian Lay Counselors and as leaders in Marriage Ministry. ​​

We desire to care for you by sharing our experiences through books, videos and social media content.  

We strive for personal connection with you via speaking events related to marriage, family, parenting, Christian life and Law Enforcement events.

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